Terms of Sales


This website www.yvesenzo.fr (the "Website") is operated by the company LUXURY CHIC (YVES ENZO) Limited liability company with a capital of 8000 euros, registered with the RCS PONTOISE under number 753 062 363 , Whose intra-Community VAT number is FR76 753 062 363 and whose registered office is located at 23 Avenue des Morillons, 95140 Garge les Gonesse.


Including the Show room at:


67-77 Rue de la haie Coq

93300 Aubervilliers

Phone: +33 1 41 61 84 80

E-mail: info@yvesenzoparis.fr



These general conditions of sale are drafted in French and express the obligations, the rights of the Client and the company YVES ENZO. In this sense, the Customer is deemed to accept in full the provisions provided for in these conditions. YVES ENZO undertakes to fulfill its obligations under this agreement. A "Customer" shall mean a person wishing to trade with YVES ENZO in compliance with these general conditions. Each Order made by a Customer under the conditions provided herein will hereinafter be referred to as the "Order". The companies to which the company YVES ENZO applies for the delivery of the Products to the Customer are hereinafter referred to as "Carriers". The Customer Service can be reached via the contact form on the website. The response time can not be guaranteed.


Article 1 - Purpose

The present general terms and conditions are intended to define the rights and obligations of the parties in connection with the online sale of products and services offered by the company YVES ENZO to the Customer.


Article 2 - Contract

The validation of the order at the end of the ordering process marks the conclusion of the contract between the Customer and the company YVES ENZO. In accordance with the Law of 13 March 2000 and the Law on Confidence for the Digital Economy of 21 June 2004, any validated order form constitutes an irrevocable acceptance, like a handwritten signature which can only be called into question Within the limits provided for in these general conditions. The general conditions of sale are concluded for the duration necessary for the supply of the products and services subscribed, until the expiry of their guarantees. The contractual information about the order will be confirmed by e-mail. The company YVES ENZO recommends the customer to keep his email of confirmation of order or to print it. However, it will be considered legal evidence of the communications, orders and payments between the parties, the archiving of purchase orders and invoices in the computer systems of the company Yves ENZO. The products ordered on the site www.yvesenzo.fr by the customers are governed by the general conditions of sale on line at the date of this order.


YVES ENZO reserves the right to modify its general conditions of sale at any time.


Article 3 - Products

The products offered by the site www.yvesenzo.fr comply with the French legislation in force and the standards applicable in France.


The site www.yvesenzo.fr strives to present the essential characteristics of the products on the product data sheets. The information presented by the website www.yvesenzo.fr has been communicated by the Suppliers.


The descriptions (photographs, texts, graphics, information and characteristics) illustrating the products presented are indicative.


In case of mistake of description (photographs, texts, graphics, information or characteristics) on a product, the responsibility of the company YVES ENZO can not be engaged.


In case of error of description, the Customer will not automatically obtain the right to the return of the product with reimbursement of the expenses of port. It will be up to YVES ENZO to judge whether this error justifies the reimbursement of the postage costs paid by the Customer.


YVES ENZO undertakes to honor orders received within the limit of available stocks.


In the absence of availability of the Product, in no case shall the liability of YVES ENZO be incurred, nor be entitled to damages for the Customer. On the other hand, YVES ENZO undertakes to inform the Customer as soon as possible and to propose a similar product in the same price and characteristic level or a refund.


If the Customer opts for a refund, YVES ENZO will make every effort to reimburse the Customer within 30 days of the date on which YVES ENZO informs the customer of the unavailability of the product. If this period is exceeded for reasons beyond its control, YVES ENZO may not be sued by the Client. Most of the Products sold on the site www.yvesenzo.fr are stored in its Warehouses. However, some products are stored at Suppliers. For these Products, the period of availability corresponds to the delivery of the Product from the Warehouse of the Supplier to that of the company YVES ENZO. In this case, the delivery time at the Customer corresponds to the availability period to which it is necessary to add the delivery time indicated on the Site.


Failure to comply with the deadlines attributable to the fault of the Supplier or the Carriers shall in no case be liable for the liability of YVES ENZO.



Article 4 - Prices and Taxes

The prices of the products sold on the site are indicated in Euros without taxes, except participation in the costs of dispatch, guarantee, ancillary services and are valid as long as they are present on the description sheet of the product. If the price of the same product is incorrect on another site of the site, it is the price indicated on the descriptive card which is authentic.


For all sales sent to professionals in the European Union and benefiting from an intra-Community VAT number, the price excluding taxes is applied. For all other countries, the duty-free price is applied, as well as for the French overseas departments and territories. You must inform yourself of the customs fees you will have to pay when receiving the goods. Import taxes must be paid by the final consignee upon arrival of the goods. YVES ENZO reserves the right to modify its prices at any time but the products will be invoiced on the basis of the rates in effect at the time of the registration of the orders, subject to availability on this date.


The company YVES ENZO can not be held responsible for fluctuations in the indicative public price. These will in no way entitle the Customer to return his Product outside the conditions and delays of return provided for in Article 8 below.


The company YVES ENZO can not be called into question in case of fluctuations in the selling price and any price differences will not be refunded. All prices are subject to a typographical error. If an error occurs, YVES ENZO will contact the Customer to notify him of the error made by our services and remind him that the order will be invoiced under the corrected conditions. In case of refusal of the new conditions, the Customer will be free to cancel the corrected order without penalty.


Article 5 - Order

Only persons legally able to enter into contracts for the goods and services offered on the site can order on the site www.yvesenzo.fr


Orders can only be placed on the website www.yvesenzo.fr. The Customer can not place an order by telephone.


When placing the Order, the Customer guarantees to have the full legal capacity to adhere to the present general conditions and thus to conclude this contract.


The Customer guarantees that he is fully authorized to use the payment card that he uses and that the latter provides access to sufficient funds to cover all the costs necessary to settle the order. At the time of the order, the Customer agrees to provide the information requested and commits on the veracity of the latter:


Company name

Legal form

Name and surname of the contact person


Phone number

email address

N ° de Siret

Intra-community VAT number

Payment card type, card number and expiry date of the card


Any Customer validly registered on the site www.yvesenzo.fr will be engaged by any order that required the use of the email address and the personal password of the said Customer (subject to the rights of retraction and return defined herein) .


The Customer must verify all the information entered during the order (product ordered, delivery address, billing address, telephone number ...).


If, after validation of the order, the customer realizes the need to modify certain data, he can do so by contacting the customer service through the contact form present in the customer account within 10 hours so that it can satisfy (Only correction of the customer's email address is possible directly on the site www.yvesenzo.fr but it will be registered for the following order).


The company YVES ENZO can not be held responsible for any errors of seizure and the consequences in terms of delay or error of delivery. Thus, if the delivery can not take place due to an error of input by the Customer, the expenses of reshipment will be the load of the customer and the delays of delivery will be greatly delayed. The website www.yvesenzo.fr will send a confirmation email after validation of the order in order to summarize the contractual information.


When the Order of the Customer is then validated by the Services of the site www.yvesenzo.fr according to the procedures of validation of the payment described in Article 6 hereafter, the Client is then informed by email of the shipment of his order. Orders are processed in the order in which they are actually received. YVES ENZO undertakes to process all orders, within the limits of available stocks.


In case of unavailability of the ordered product, the Customer will be informed as soon as possible and will be able to cancel his order.


The client may then request a refund of the amount paid.


YVES ENZO will make every effort to reimburse the Customer within 30 days from the date of unavailability. In the event of exceeding this period for reasons of force majeure due to the customer, unpredictable and insurmountable fact of a third party, the company YVES ENZO can not be prosecuted by the Client.


Deliveries will be made only on the basis of availabilities and in the order of arrival of the orders and may be carried out in whole or in part. The company YVES ENZO can not be held liable for breach of contract in the event of stock shortage or unavailability of the product, force majeure, disturbance or strike total or partial especially postal services and means of transport, communications, flooding , Fire, and in case of obvious error.


YVES ENZO can not be held liable to any Customer or third party for any indirect damage, loss of profit or turnover in any way whatsoever, even if such damage or Loss or prejudice was foreseeable by YVES ENZO, or if its eventuality had been brought to its attention.


Article 6 - Payment

www.yvesenzo.fr adopted the SSL encryption process, which ensures the reliability of exchanges and transactions by encrypting at the time of entering all the bank details of customers, which are thus transmitted directly to the CM-CIC Bank, via a connection secure, without passing through the Site www.yvesenzo.fr .


Thus, any suspicious or fraudulent order can be blocked, so that we can verify its credibility. In this case, an e-mail informing you of this action will be sent to you and your order will remain blocked until receipt of a proof of identity.


The validation of payment will be considered effective after confirmation of the agreement of the centers of bank payment and the acceptance of payment of the share of the company YVES ENZO. Only the validation of payment allows the shipment of the parcel to the delivery address chosen by the Customer.


Some validations will be made directly, ie without a preliminary verification procedure. However, in order to limit the risk of fraud and thus protect the interests of its Clients, YVES ENZO is sometimes required to carry out checks concerning the validity of payments made by credit card on the site.


In this case, customers are notified by e-mail of the supporting documents (a double-sided photocopy of an identity document and proof of domicile) to send in order to obtain the final validation of their order.

At the end of this eventual control:


The company YVES ENZO reserves the right to accept the order, and a fortiori to validate the payment.

In the event of non-receipt of these supporting documents within 48 hours, the company YVES ENZO may refuse the validation of the payment.


The company YVES ENZO may in case of receipt of documents deemed non-compliant proceed to the refund of the said order by the credit of the bank account which was debited at the time of the order.


If the inspection can not take place within 48 hours of the date of the order by the fault of the Customer, the order can not be honored and will be canceled by the company YVES ENZO which gives itself the right to request the said documents to obtain The reimbursement of his order.


Client invoicing usually takes place within 24 hours from the date of payment validation. In case of withdrawal by the Customer beyond this 24-hour period, the shipping costs can not be refunded to him and will therefore remain in his charge.


YVES ENZO never has access to confidential information about the means of payment. This is why the customer's bank details are requested on each order. Only CM-CIC has confidential information (card number, date of validity) that is inaccessible by a third party. The customer has the possibility to adjust his order online in several ways:


Online payment by credit card (Carte Bleue, VISA, Eurocard / Mastercard or other means of payment valid on the site). In the case of on-line payment by credit card, the Customer is obliged to provide the type of his credit card, the number of the payment card, the expiry date and the cryptogram. It guarantees that it is fully authorized to use the card and that the card gives access to sufficient funds to cover all costs resulting from the ordering of YVES ENZO products.


Payment by sending a bank check issued by a bank domiciled in metropolitan France, the amount of which by check does not exceed 5000 euros. The Client then has 48 hours to send his / her bank check - postmark. In the absence of receipt of check of his part past this period of 48h, his order will be automatically canceled. The company YVES ENZO declines any responsibility for loss of the settlement, delay of treatment of the settlement in case of dispatch of the settlement by other means than mail A / R or simple mail by La Poste. In the absence of payment authorization by check, the order is not made available to the customer and another method of payment is requested. YVES ENZO reserves the right to refrain from following the order of a customer for whom problems have already arisen. The company YVES ENZO retains in any case the ownership of the articles delivered until the full payment of the price by the customer.


Payment by bank transfer. The Client then has 24 hours to send the copy of the bank transfer. In the absence of receipt of the transfer of his share past the delay of 72h, his order will be automatically canceled.


Payment in cash up to 1 000 € TTC

YVES ENZO reserves the right to suspend or terminate the account of a Customer which contravenes the provisions of these general conditions.


Any person whose account has been suspended or closed can not order on the site www.yvesenzo.fr without the authorization of the services of the company YVES ENZO beforehand.

In particular, YVES ENZO reserves the right to refuse to make a delivery or to honor an order from a Customer who has not fully paid a previous order or with which a payment dispute is being administered .


The company YVES ENZO reserves the ownership of the products subject to the order until payment and full collection of the sale price. Under no circumstances may payments be suspended or subject to any compensation without our prior written consent. The Customer's invoice is available directly on the Site in the "my account" section accessible from the homepage. By entering their email address and password sue the site www.yvesenzo.fr Customer may print the invoice for the order.


Article 7 - Delivery

The products must be delivered to the addressee and to the address indicated on the invoice, this information is indicated by the Customer when the information is entered during the order. This is why YVES ENZO asks the Customer to verify the accuracy of the information he has been able to supply for the delivery of his order.


Several modes of delivery are offered to customers when ordering:


For Metropolitan France:

    Free delivery e (delivery within 48h op ed es)

The following carriers will be responsible for expeditions: GLS, EXAPAQ, DPD, COLISSIMO.


For Europe:

    Europe EXPRESS (Delivery 2d to 5d op ed es)

    COLISSIMO (delivery to 8d 3d op ed es)


For Overseas France (DOM-TOM):

    COLISSIMO (7d 5d delivery op ed es)


For the international:

    COLISSIMO (delivery to 8d 3d op ed es)


    Removing the magazine:

The Customer must make an appointment for any withdrawal of order.


In case of no show the day of the appointment, there will be a penalty of 30 euros (thirty euros) and will have to take a new appointment. The customer who goes to the warehouses or walk-in warehouses could under no circumstances withdraw their product.


    Your vehicle:

The Customer must provide the contact details of the carrier and bear all the costs to him.


The transfer of risk taking place from the warehouse or store, the company YVES ENZO declines any responsibility since it has delivered the goods to the customer or carrier chosen by the Customer at the time of its order.